About Us

Daniella Faye is a modesty fashion house specializing in women’s dresses and headwear that is elegant, comfortable and versatile.

The unique shapes and styles of our clothing eliminates the need for shells and undergarment, thus filling the gap in the market for the modern woman who wants to dress modestly and still feel beautiful.

Daniella Faye opened their first retail shop in Jerusalem in 2015.

In 2018 Daniella Faye added wholesale orders to their focus and got into 19 stores across America.

You can currently purchase Daniella Faye clothing and headwear in: New York, Miami, New Jersey, Chicago, Baltimore, United Kingdom and Jerusalem. 


Retail Store Address: 

Daniella Faye Ein Sof

Hillel 1, Jerusalem Israel 

+972 052 953 3787 

Our Store is located at the top of King George Street and the corner of Hillel. (1 Street over from "Ben Yehuda Street")

Retail Store Hours:

Sunday - Thursday 

11am - 7:30pm 


10am - 1:30pm   

Shabbat - CLOSED 

For Questions, Comments and inquiries please  

Email - Online.daniellafaye@gmail.com