Customer Reviews

Daniella Faye Customer Reviews 


“I love my Daniella Faye Ribbed Sets! I first bought the grey set and went back for the black. The sets are so comfortable and can be dressed up or down which is perfect! I also have to say, their customer service is beyond helpful and they really take the time to make sure you are happy with your purchase.”

Ilana, Israel


My Daniella Faye pieces are, without a doubt, my favorite clothing in my wardrobe. Each piece is absolutely stunning: Unique, flattering, modest and very high-quality. You can tell that Daniella takes great care and pays attention to detail as she designs and creates each piece. I have never been disappointed in a purchase!

Sara Steinberg- Denver, CO



 I can't express enough how much I adore Daniella Faye's modest summer dresses. They are my absolute favorite go-to outfits during the warmer months. The quality of the dresses is exceptional, with lightweight and breathable fabrics that keep me cool and comfortable all day long. The designs are not only modest but also incredibly stylish, with vibrant colors, fun patterns, and flattering silhouettes. I love how versatile they are, allowing me to effortlessly transition from casual daytime outings to more formal evening events. Daniella Faye's modest summer dresses have truly become my summer fashion staples, and I couldn't be happier with them!

Betty , Kansas City , USA 


 I love the versatility of the Daniella Faye head coverings! They are what I wear day in and day out and will continue to wear for years to come. I've been a customer for many years and have never been let down by Dave and Daniella's passion and commitment to customer satisfaction! Love you guys! 

I absolutely adore my Daniella Faye Dress! The fabric is incredibly soft, and the fit is perfect. I receive so many compliments whenever I wear it. Definitely my go-to choice for a casual yet chic look!"

Brittany-  Albany, NY  


"I'm so glad I discovered Daniella Faye for my modest clothing needs. Their clothing fit perfectly, and the fabrics are comfortable and excellent quality. I love how their designs embrace modesty without sacrificing style. It's a brand that truly understands and caters to my fashion wants and needs."

Leah C. - Springfield , NJ 


"Daniella Faye has become my go-to shop for modest clothing. Their attention to detail and quality craftsmanship is evident in every piece. I appreciate how they prioritize modesty without compromising on style. It's a win-win!"

 Devorah M.  Lakewood , NJ 


"As someone who values modesty in fashion, I'm thrilled with the options Daniella Faye provides. Their clothing is not only modest but also incredibly stylish. I can always find unique pieces that make me feel beautiful and empowered."

 Rivka S.  Miami, Florida 


"I absolutely love what i got from Daniella Faye! The designs are trendy and fashionable, while still maintaining my desired level of modesty. I feel confident and stylish every time I wear their clothes. Even my dad was happy! "

Kayla - Five Towns , New York 


"The clothing at Daniella Faye is made from top-notch materials, ensuring durability and comfort. The fabrics are soft, breathable, and designed to last".

Liva Renford - Houston, TX  


"I can't express enough how much I love my Daniella Faye head coverings. They have become an essential part of my daily attire. The quality is exceptional, and the designs are absolutely beautiful. I feel elegant, feminine, and confident whenever I wear them. The attention to detail, from the fabric choices to the intricate embellishments, is truly remarkable. Whether I'm wearing a headscarf or a headband, Daniella Faye's headcoverings add a touch of sophistication to my outfits. 

Chagit - Jerusalem, Israel  


"Daniella Faye's modest fashion clothing brand is synonymous with exceptional quality. The fabrics they use are luxurious and comfortable, and the construction of their garments is flawless. I've washed and worn their clothing numerous times, and they still look as good as new. It's evident that Daniella Faye prioritizes craftsmanship and longevity in their designs."

 Efrat Cohen - Haifa, Israel 


"Modest Daniella Faye dresses have simplified my wardrobe choices. Instead of spending time coordinating separates, I can rely on their dresses to create a complete and stylish outfit. They are my go-to option when I want to look put together with minimal effort."

Tova Belu - Haifa, Israel 

 Esther  - Passaic , NJ 

"The quality of fabrics used in Daniella Faye's clothing is exceptional. From soft and breathable materials to rich textures, their garments are made to provide comfort and elevate the overall wearing experience. It's a delight to indulge in the luxurious feel of their clothing."